#AppsFocus – Google Duo Is The HOTTEST App On The Planet Right Now

Barely a week after release, Google’s latest video chat app – Duo, is now the Most Popular app on the Google Play‎ Store. Presently ranked above the likes of Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp and Pokémon GO, the new video chat is indeed becoming a toast amongst Android and iOS users alike.

The new video-chat platform from Google is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone (Android & iOS users alike). It’s simple, reliable and fun.

The app signs you on with your phone number and allows you chat with your contacts (who have signed on to the app) over live high quality video feeds. Duo relies on your WiFi or network data connections to work.

One “killer feature” the Duo has that makes it really stand out is its “Knock Knock” feature which when turned on/activated in the sett‎ings menu, allows you catch a live video feed of the person calling you before you even pick up the call…

The Google Duo video chat platform is already being touted as being Android’s answer to Apple’s exclusive video chat platform – Facetime.

Download free here for Android & iOS

What you waiting for guys?.. Get into the groove and start chatting over live video feeds. You could add us up on +2349052725318.



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